Nokia R & D,  Sunnyvale, CA

Awards: IIDA Northern California Honor Award & Best of the Year 2012, Interior Design Magazine - Best of the Year Honoree, 2011

This five-story, 160,000 SF headquarters building brought together  five distinct campuses into one modeling  a new vision of an R&D workplace: emphasis on 'open innovation' and sense of community while still accommodating  the need for intense concentration within a constantly changing and flexible environment.  In response, each floor was organized around  centrally located social hubs housing large conference rooms,  informal privacy huts, pantries and  unique specialty amenities.  The surrounding work zones allow staff to reconfigure team spaces to meet their particular functional needs for focused concentration and team work.

The material palette marries Scandinavian cool with a healthy dose of California sun. Nokia's Finnish heritage comes through in the pale wood accents and the Marimekko inspired banners, but the wood is fragrant knotty pine, and the banners interpret each vibrantly color-coded level was inspired by the surrounding California  landscape. 

Senior Project Designer: Karyn Gabriel for Gensler