Wired Magazine, San Francisco, CA

Awards: 2015 IIDA Northern California Honor Award & 2015 Best of the Year Honor, Interior Design Magazine

The historical divisions between print and digital media were no longer relevant and Wired' needed to redesign its  organizational structure.  The new design was a catalyst of cultural change.  By breaking down the building's existing physical barriers  and providing multi-functional spaces supporting collaboration, intensive focus, video-making and hosting community events, the space allowed the firm to restructure teams and re-define the art of storytelling.

A monumental aluminum ceiling system strategically organized the space. Assembled from a kit of parts, the ceiling segues diagonally from the entry across the floor plate,  thrusting through column bays, folding down onto walls painting the space with a strong dimensional element unifying  social and meeting spaces together.

The  color and materials palette creates contrast and tension, reminiscent to the magazine itself. There is little need for overt branding save for the logo at the entry lounge; the space says Wired through and through.

Design Director: Karyn Gabriel for Gensler

Photography: Jasper Sanidad courtesy of Gensler